Meet Hauwa, The Female Kidnapper Who Uses Her Beauty To Lure Her Male Victims

Hauwa Yunus

Nemesis finally caught up with a notorious kidnapper operating in the North, who confessed to the abductions of some of her boyfriends. While kidnapping is assumed to be the exclusive preserve of men, this female kidnapper has shown by her statement, according to police sources, that even ladies are not left out of the nefarious business.

The involvement of Hauwa Yunus, the female kidnapper, according to ArewaLive findings, has opened more dangerous dimensions to the alarming extent kidnapping has reached in the country.

It is not an exaggeration that kidnapping is now a big business in Nigeria. In fact, it is a multibillion naira business given the number of kidnappings taking place every year and the amount paid by families of kidnap victims as ransoms around the nation. Record also places Nigeria as one of the countries with the highest rate of kidnapping in the world.

Kidnapping across the North just like in other parts of the country is on the increase. A kidnap victim, AdamuLawal, who was kidnapped along Abuja /Kaduna road sometimes ago, had no cash or relatives to raise money for him. He told ArewaLive that he had to resort to selling his landed properties to raise the N5m the kidnappers demanded from him.

Lawal who spoke to Arewa Live narrated how he and others were kidnapped while travelling to Abuja in a commercial vehicle. The kidnappers waylaid the vehicle and asked everyone to disembark as they were all marched into a forest trekking for several hours until they got to a spot where the kidnappers began to contact the victims’ relations for a ransom.

‘I didn’t want to attract unnecessary noise, so I told my wife to sell our land and bring the money to the kidnappers,” he said.

However, Aliyu Ismail, another victim was able to escape from his captors. He told Arewa Live how he ran for several hours inside the bush after escaping from the kidnappers.  According to him, as from the second day after his abduction, he began to plot his escape as he didn’t have money to raise for his ransom.

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